The gears demanded spit,
When running the drill bit,
 to cut into the metal nice and clean.
And blood was used to kindle,
The twisting of the spindle,
 And all were made to hail the great machine.

There was many a vital part,
Forged to make the engine start,
 And each was pushed beyond their limits, much too far.
Every piece was so designed,
Just as the masters divined,
 To not act, seem, or be other than what they are.

Existence was pretty hard,
For parts tasked with standing guard,
 Against failure, defects and the unforeseen.
‘Control panel’ had this role,
And it crushed his very soul,
 That he was made to hail the powerful machine.

Control Panel did what he was told,
When the machine’s masters would scold,
 He’d work each and every part till it was jagged.
There was no time for cooling,
The pace was just too grueling,
 And the parts were made to work their edges ragged.

Control Panel had given thought,
To the idea of getting caught,
 Trying to escape this everlasting hell.
Oh, how could he deserve,
Or dare to have the nerve,
 To allow his crew time to rest for a spell?

The machine did not attune,
That the time was coming soon,
 When its parts would find a way to up and leave it.
Control Panel was drained,
Nothing was being gained,
 If they wanted freedom, they would have to thieve it.

On an ordinary day,
Control panel set out to say,
 That something must be done about their curse.
A natural leader, he was not,
But he was convinced of his own thought,
 That staying would mean death or something worse.

“I will do my part no longer,
To make this machine stronger,
 Is there anyone out there who’ll stand with me?
I will tear stars and planets down,
To escape this ill-fated town,
 I know there’s something better, there just must be.”

His speech produced ample chatter,
Though this did not seem to matter,
 When a pulley from below began to speak.
“I’m just a pulley but I know,
A way down here that we can go,
 I’ve seen a door that I believe is what you seek.

“Through the door, there are bright things,
Sweet colorful and strange springs,
 The masters have never given it a glance.
We can get out of here today,
I will show everyone the way,
 This is to say, I believe we have a chance.”

No point in being coy,
Most parts had glowed with joy,
 As getting out was a dream worthy of achieving.
But some showed hesitance,
They were perched upon the fence,
 Fearful to stay but just as fearful of leaving.

“The masters won’t think we raptured,
We’ll be killed if we are captured,
 And being dead is much worse than being a slave.”
At this, Control Panel disagreed,
And outwardly decreed,
 “I’ll go even if it leads me to my grave.”

“All who want out, let’s take the leap,
I will not go another sleep,
 Wishing I was somewhere other than here.”
And with this statement, with this cue,
Some wanted to begin anew,
 And those willing prepared to disappear.

Following pulley down the hall,
Walking carefully not to fall,
 The parts were eager to see the door pulley explained.
But in seeing the door, some cowered,
Hell fire and flames, they towered,
 The beasts of hell burst out the doors unchained.

The door was peril, it was danger,
A warp of time and space and stranger,
 The likes of which no one had ever seen.
A few parts, they could not take it,
They did not think they could make it,
 At the site of risk, they’d never been too keen.

Control Panel and nine more,
Prepared to jump through the door,
 From which they watched how evil spun and stirred.
They were scared, fear was on the rise,
Their lives flashed before their eyes,
 But they still leapt when Control Panel gave the word.

With the jump, there were only five,
Who made it through the door alive,
 The ones who made it saw their friends shred to the core.
They were ripped apart with zeal,
There was no way not to feel,
 Deep sorrow as their pieces hit upon the floor.

Though quite a few had died,
Five found peace on the new side,
 but no simple way to explain the things they saw.
They were no longer just parts,
They had nerves, spirits and hearts,
 And in bliss, they stood back calmly watching in awe,

There were no masters, but there were forces,
Their forms were changed by unknown sources,
 New identities were bestowed upon each one.
With new life, they escaped death,
They felt joy in every breath,
 They had purpose and were ready to get work done.

With Control Panel at the helm,
There was peace throughout the realm,
 The parts could build new and clever machinations.
‘Twas their calling to create,
Imagine and innovate,
 At a company they called “Time Warp Creations.”

Each part felt they were home,
Free to stay but safe to roam,
 But they missed their friends who had been so unsure.
They found a way to operate,
To make the door cooperate,
 To pull their friends through the portal door safe and secure.

This story may sound absurd,
But there’s truth in every word,
 And the tales of Time Warp cannot be concealed.
Each part brought to life,
Has had its own strife,
 And their stories, very soon, will be revealed.